1 November 2012

Dia Todos Los Santos

Spanish mediterranean coastline on fire!

I've come for a couple of days to see family&friends and I have

Been greeted with some sick surf...

Some sets rolling across the sculpted sandbank - El Saler

Antonio sends us a photo of some double overhead freight-train lefts at "La Siesta" in Alicante

surf bound!!
Valencia's coastline, backstage

"Cold" at 21 degrees...

Juan Aguilar lining up his backhand approach

 And more of the same...

 North Peak - El Saler

 Beach and Valencia's Harbour in the background

 No takers on this A-frame

 Emilio Pons examines the line-up before making his way in

Mind surfing 

Peeling Right-hander

The right at South Peak - El Saler

Doesn't happen very often around these parts